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Application and Deposit

Thank you for your confidence in Wild Rose Standards to provide you with not only a quality standard poodle puppy, but a standard poodle puppy with the best chances of being genetically clear through out the life of that puppy. We are proud of the concern that we have for the breed, the pups and our clients.

Please, fill out this application and return to Wild Rose Standards with an application fee of $300..00 to reserve a puppy from an upcoming litter.  If you are purchasing a puppy already born, please fill out both the contract and the application.

Wild Rose Standards has  the policy to return everyone's application fee when canceling their reserved puppy, prior to a litter of puppies being born. The Application fee will be refundable until the pups are born.

At that time should you decide that you need to back out of the agreement, Wild Rose Standards will no longer refund the application fee.

Puppy Application


Address city and state:


Email address:

Where did you hear about us?

What color would be your 1st choice?_____ 2nd choice?_____3rd choice?_______

Would you consider any color that was available?

Male or Female puppy?

How many family members are living in the home, ages of those individuals?

Do you have a safe environment to raise a puppy?

Have you had experience with having a new puppy and what it takes to deal with a new addition to the family?

Are there other pets in the home?

Do you Rent __________Own_____________?

If renting does your landlord approve of you having a large dog?

Owning a dog is a life long commitment, however things do happen.....would you be willing to notify Wild Rose Standards should the pup need to be re-homed and except any assistance in doing so? Wild Rose Standards recommends that all pups are crate trained to help aid in the basic training of a puppy..........although this is not a requirement, do you have an aversion to using a crate at home for your new  pup? If so, could you please explain.

Nearest Airport to your location for shipping purposes. I will arrange all shipping. Please note that it is sometimes difficult to ship a puppy on the weekends, as we have a small airport with limited flights.

1st Choice___________________________________________

2nd Choice___________________________________________

Wild Rose Standards realizes that the arrival of a new standard poodle puppy is a thrill and such a joy and that the family wants to share in their joy by taking their new pup out on outings to show their new family member off.  Please refrain from exposing your new puppy to parks or anywhere that there could be other dogs that may expose your puppy to diseases that can be life threatening. Wild Rose Standards recommends that you keep your puppy in your home environment until the series of puppy shots are all complete, which should be 16 weeks, allowing another week for the shots to be most effective.

Comments or suggestions or special instructions.





 Wild Rose Standards

Deb Ring

    30 Far West Rd

 Lonepine, Mt. 59848



If you’d like you can copy and paste application into an email and  send your deposit through regular mail. Thank you for choosing Wild Rose Standards

Deb Ring
30 Far West Rd.
Lonepine,  Montana 59848
E-mail me at:
406-741-5103  home

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